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Why I decided to open my business 🖤

I decided to open my business after I lost my grandmother back in Dec of 2019. I had been in the medical field off and on since 2012. I had taken some losses over the past 5 years all dear to my heart. I was my grandfather’s care taker until his last day and would help my mother take care of my grandmother. Losing her put me in a dark place. I was sad, dealing with very bad anxiety & depression. I had no desire to go back to the medical field after finding my grandfather and her in a deathly condition, it gave me PTSD. I lost my passion for caretaking in a medical form. So back in 2016 while scrolling the web I had come across Microblading and became obsessed watching videos and I was like I can so do this! Anyone that knows me knows that I have always been into makeup/beauty! I became obsessed but me going to take the class just hadn’t lined up. After my grandmother passed the only thing that would keep my mind from wondering to all the negative things was watching microblading & lash videos. It was so satisfying to me. After a whole bunch of prayer & manifestation things had aligned and I decided take a class to become a certified microblading & lash technician. I love what I do. I still get to take care of people and make them feel beautiful. I also get to show my daughters that you can be your own boss and that with prayer & manifestation you can do anything you set your mind to. My business is flourishing and I have big plans for it. Inshallah🤍

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